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in Switzerland:
Undergraduate and Graduate
Degree Programs
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Magdy Attalla
+ 41 78 709 70 13
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Study in Switzerland in English with students from more than 100 nationalities and prepare yourself for international experience
Earn BA, M.Sc. or MBA dual-degree (Swiss + British)
Swiss internships are paid, offering the opportunity to partially recover the initial investment
Study in English
Dual Degree Programs
Earn While You Learn
Looking for the best education abroad?
Best-value and prestigious University education in business and hospitality management
Internships during studies:
1) F&B @ Alpin Sherpa Hotel, Zurich
2) Reservation agent @ Ramada Brussels
3) F&B @ Fritschi Restaurant, Lucerne
Anna Samoylenko
Talent Resources & Development Executive EMEA @ Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts, UAE
Internships during studies:
1) Chef de Partie @ Baltschug Kempinski, Moscow
2) Chef de Partie @ Mövenpick Hotel & Casino, Geneva
Internships during studies:
1) F&B @ Café du Centre, Geneva
2) F&B @ Grand Hotel Europe, Lucerne
Nikolay Kiselev
Sales Executive
@ Vinpearl Resorts, Vietnam
Internships during studies:
1) Cash Pool Officer @ SSP Select Service Partner, Zurich
2) Sales and Marketing Intern @ Hotel Eden Au Lac, Zurich
Where do BHMS students work?
Working for top Swiss and international employers
Maksim Mityakin
Sous Chef
@La Cata Restaurante, Spain
Milena Barsukova
Talent Acquisition Consultant @ Stanton Chase, Moscow
You'll be meeting BHMS students
in prestigious companies:
We will be happy to send you more information about internships, how they are paid and where they take place.
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Choose the right specialty

The program fee includes tuition, accommodation, meals, excursions and much more.
International business and Hospitality Management
Higher education for those who want to get an applied business education and qualify for management positions
от 33500 CHF
for the first year
≈ 14130 UAE dirham for the first year
3 Yeas - BA Program
1 Year - MSc Program

Education in English
Accommodation, meals, leisure
Paid internships in Switzerland -
18 months with a salary of 2212 CHF per month

Operational management
Building business processes
Finance and accounting
HR Management
International sales
Event management

2 Degrees - Swiss and British
Request a list of documents for admission
Culinary Arts
Higher education for those who want to gain comprehensive practical skills in cooking and serving food, as well as managing a kitchen
от 33500 CHF
for the first year
≈ 14130 UAE dirham for the first year
3 Yeas - BA Program
1 Year - Postgraduate Program

Education in English
Accommodation, meals, leisure
Paid internships in Switzerland - 18 months with a salary of 2212 CHF per month

European and ethnic cuisine
Typical snacks
Fish, vegetarian and main courses
Development of new dishes
Molecular cuisine
Application of technology in kitchen laboratories
Serving and presenting food
Teamwork in the kitchen
Kitchen management as a Chef

2 Degrees - Swiss and British
Request a list of documents for admission
The graduate will be able to work in these areas around the world:
Recreation, entertainment, activities
Other directions
National and international hotel chains
Family hotels
Restaurant chains
Club hotels and resorts
Catering services
Sports Clubs and Associations
Bars and nightclubs
Cruise liners
Railway companies
Tour Operators
Travel agencies
Tourist Offices
Ministry of Tourism
Beauty and health centers
Sport complexes
Private clubs
Amusement parks
Business centers
Advertising agencies
Event agencies
HR companies
Marketing companies
Technology Developers
Logistics companies
Real estate agency
Media / PR companies
Educational institutions
Training companies
Franchising companies
Construction companies
Trading companies
Manufacturing companies
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What is included in the price 33'500 CHF?
Unlike other universities, BHMS covers all student expenses, including room and board
The five B.H.M.S. Student Residences offer accommodation in modern rooms equipped with a bathroom, a kitchenette, wardrobe, study areas and Wi-Fi.
Living in one of the B.H.M.S. Student Residences will put you in the heart of student life, so you can make the most out of your study and leisure time. All student residencies are very safe, direct on public transport access and under 24-hour supervision, within 10 minutes walking from the classrooms and main campus.
All programs offer an academic education along with a paid industry internship, thereby BHMS students gain significant value and prestige among employers around the world
Students with a food and beverage plan are entitled to three meals a day served in the City Campus Restaurant during the week, and brunch with dinner service during the weekends and holidays. For vegetarians and for those who do not eat pork or beef, special dishes are provided with no extra charge.
Student activities
Student activities allow them to discover Switzerland and different companies in the hospitality industry in Switzerland, but they also include sports and fun. They are not only complementary to academic studies, but provide an opportunity for networking.
Each of the activities offered caters to the students' active and competitive drive for group and individual sports, outdoor adventure, creativity, or artistic needs. Activities from crafts and board games to cricket and mountain climbing are offered weekly, and each student at B.H.M.S. is sure to take either a mountain trip or some other fun and healthy amusement with the Student Services Manager.
Operational fees, insurance and more
We made the admission process for the student as comfortable as possible. All fees and commissions required for international students were included in the total fee. You don't need to worry about anything other than packing your suitcase
Job placement
BHMS is engaged in the employment of all graduates with the help of employment agents in Europe, Asia, North America. The university guides a preparation for Skype and telephone interviews, assists in drawing up a video resume, prepare documents for work and obtain a visa
Prepare everything you need for online enrollment
The next step is filling in a registration form and providing an application pack of documents. We are in touch if any assistance needed
Our expert will help you with all the necessary documents. Please feel free to ask any questions you have
Get in touch with your regional manager
if your application is successful, you will get a confirmation of enrolment without leaving your home, get the student visa granted, and then it's easy just to book a flight and come to Switzerland
We meet you at the airport and drive to BHMS
Your next step
Still have questions?
If your question is not on the list, feel free to contact us
Do you require an official English test to enroll at B.H.M.S.?
Not necessarily, only if required by the Swiss Embassy to apply for a study visa to Switzerland. In such a case, applicants may take an online test at (level one) which they will need to send the results directly to B.H.M.S. as we are a registered institution under this online placement test.
How many students are there per class?
There are around 20-30 students per class. Smaller classes mean that the teaching staff has more time to dedicate to students.
Will I need my own laptop and does the school have Wi-Fi?
Although this is not compulsory at B.H.M.S., we recommend that you should bring your own laptop. Degree courses require this, and it is undoubtedly useful for completing assignments. Free of charge WiFi internet access is available throughout the campus.
Is it possible to live out of the B.H.M.S. student residences?
You can do this only after residing in your first academic semester (approx. 6 months) at the B.H.M.S. student residence. You can then rent an apartment on your own. Please check with B.H.M.S. Student Services for further information.
Can I earn extra money while studying?
It will not work legally, and there is no need - the BHMS curriculum includes 6 months of paid internship every year. You will be able to earn approximately CHF 12,000 during this time.
Do students have to wear uniforms?
We don't have a uniform, but we have a business dress code. Students at BHMS are expected to dress in a business style, which involves a dark suit, shirt and tie for young people, and for girls, dark dress pants or a skirt, a shirt and dark closed shoes. In winter, you can wear a warm sweater. Culinary Academy students receive uniforms to work in the kitchen at school.
Does BHMS guarantee the organization of an annual paid internship?
Yes, the internship coordinators are busy looking for internships for our students and preparing the necessary documents all year round. From the student - good academic performance and decent knowledge of the German language. With us - a guaranteed paid internship in Switzerland.
Does BHMS help to find a job after graduation?
Yes, BHMS Masterwork's own agency works with a variety of hotels, restaurants and management companies that hire our graduates. We are the leading and preferred university for many of them. Also, on the BHMS campus, large-scale Career Days are held several times a year, when representatives of large international companies conduct interviews with senior students.
What is included in the tuition fees at BHMS?
The cost of training includes, in fact, the curriculum, annual medical insurance, accommodation in a 2-3-bed room and meals in a school restaurant during the academic semester, all study materials, Internet, entertainment excursions.
Do I need to make full payment right away?
When enrolling, you must pay a reservation fee - this is the first deposit payment. The rest is after student visa approval.
How to get a visa to Switzerland?
The student must apply for a student visa in person at the Swiss Embassy in his country. The BHMS Regional Manager will help you prepare all the necessary documents.
Will my money be refunded if the Embassy refuses my visa?
If your application for a student visa is denied, your initial payment (excluding the CHF400 registration fee) will be returned to you within 2 weeks of the denial.
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